Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How Family and Friends Can Prevent Your Internet Marketing Success

Many successful affiliate marketers testify to the difficulties they
had with family and friends when they started to learn how to
become online affiliate marketers.

The idea that you could work from a small computer in your
home and generate affiliate commissions as a self-employed
person and NOT go to a regular job in an office or wherever
is a difficult concept for many people.

When people think of big money being made in computing and
on the internet, they assume that the only way to achieve this
level of success is through inventing hardware or software
products such as Apple computers or Bill Gates's Microsoft.
The business model here is the old-fashioned one of a large
firm mass producing products with lots of staff who get paid
according to levels of responsibility.

That is the popular notion of how to make money from the
internet revolution - in other words nothing is new in how
ordinary people make a living.

This misconception does NOT take account of the Internet
Revolution! The whole point to be noted is that the Internet
has changed how people work and live similar to the impact
of the Industrial Revoution.

However, your family and friends may not understand that
this revolution has allowed ordinary folks to work as affiliates
from home selling on behalf of companies products and
services that can generate a good living if it is done properly.

One way to get around this family negativity is to join a
genuine affiliate or partner program that is run for the
benefits of its affiliates as well as the owners of the company.

This is hard to find on the internet as most affiliate programs do
not reward their affiliates properly. However, I can introduce
you to the best Internet Marketing partner program that gives
its affiliates residual monthly income and BIG commissions on
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