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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Free Expert Secrets Book – Russell Brunson 2017

Russell Brunson's book 'Expert Secrets' is Free while copies last!

This is Brunson's second book after the best seller 'Dotcom Secrets' .
The book focuses on the knowledge that each person possesses
inside themselves and how this experience can be used to start an
online business.

Brunson's enthusiasm is infectious and this level of motivation for
starting an online business is what is needed by many people who
have thought about starting their own business and need an extra
push to make it happen.

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Other FREE Resources by Russell Brunson 

Dotcom Secrets 

If you are struggling with getting traffic to your website or converting
that traffic Russell Brunson has widespread experience in getting to
route of the problem. Dotcom Secrets will give you the marketing
funnels and sales scripts to get a ton of leads to your business.

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Marketing in My Car with Russell Brunson - FREE MP3 Player

On his way to work every morning Russell Brunson records
a few minutes for his customers detailing the ups and downs
of running his online business. As Russell is one of the most
succcessful online marketers today, his ideas can be very
lucrative to anyone starting or running an online business.
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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2017

Often you hear suggestions that affiliate marketing
is dead and that there is no money to be made in it.
These ideas are ridiculous as quite the opposite is

Affiliate marketing is a $14 billion global industry
that will not decline as increasing numbers of the
world's population come online and want to buy products
and services. Anyone who can sell to this increasing
audience will make money. Fact!

Affiliate Marketing Myths Exposed 

Affiliate marketing has changed.  Affiliate marketing
has left a lot of the old style marketers behind.
The old lazy methods don’t work anymore.
Pasting banners on second rate content won't do

Old-school approaches are done and so are the people
who use them. And that’s good news because this means
there are new ways to market successfully online.

Another myth peddled about is that Google hates
affiliates. Not so. What Google hates is a certain
approach to marketing on the Internet where low
quality content stuffed with keywords is put out
by affiliates who expect sales.

There is now a great opportunity for affiliates who
learn to play to Google’s rules. Top marketers run
their business by taking advantage of Google’s
tough criteria.  There are thousands of great products
on the market that are easy to rank for but Google
hates the the old school approach to selling them.

Do you need to post daily?

No. People are looking for good content not fluff
that is put together just to promote a product.
What you do need is to create the right types of content
that provide a high level of value.

A small website with quality information is far more
valuable than a mega site full of generic information.

What people value is quality, not quantity.
And that leads to opt ins and sales.

You Do the Work Once and You Get Paid Over and Over

Your entire system should be built on recurring affiliate
programs. You do the work once and you get paid over and over
month after month, year after year.

That is how the world's most successful affiliate do it.
This is a $14 billion industry (affiliate marketing) that’s growing.
Somebody is making that money.

And some people want to say affiliate marketing is dead!

Developing Sales and Marketing Skills 

To be successful you will have to develop sales and
marketing skills. These are so important that until you
are earning a good income you should spend about 80%
of your time on nothing but selling and marketing.
These are the most important skills.

Affiliate marketing allows you to focus your time in
this way without the demands of product creation,
customer support and other demands that are not
sales and marketing.

This focus doesn't make it easy but it allows you
to develop the essential skills of sales and marketing.

FREE Courses for Affiliate Marketing 

To learn affiliate marketing you need to learn
the core steps in choosing the right products
to promote and also the right way to promote

Here are some Free Courses by a Millionaire
Marketer whose strategies are current and
work extremely well.

1. How to Choose Highly Profitable Niches

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2. How to Sell Affiliate Products

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3. 101 Ways to Get FREE Traffic 

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4. 37 Free Marketing Tools

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5. How to Make Money with YouTube Without Uploading Videos
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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners with Roy Carter

One of the fastest and easiest ways for people (even complete beginners)
to start making some good income online these days is to become an affiliate
for someone else's products or services. This means that you get paid a 
commission for every person you send to a vendor offer who buys their product
or service.

As an affiliate, one of the benefits, is that you don't have to create your own 

product, which would,cost you both time and money. Instead your job is to send
as many visitors to the vendors offer as possible. The more people you send to 
look at the offer, the more likely you are to make a sale for the vendor and 
gain a commission.

If the offer you promote has a recurring income element, such as a membership

program or subscription etc, then dependent on the offer, you will likely make 
a commission every month for as long as the person subscribes to the service. 
Therefore, you get paid over and over again for making just the one introduction.

It's easy to see the attraction of learning how to promote other people's products

as an affiliate. You don't have to create your own product, you simply promote 
someone else's. It's even very possible that you don't have to have a website if 
you don't want to either. There are many ways of promoting a product without 
needing a website if you know how. You have to learn the various intricacies 
and methods of how to become a successful affiliate, rather than someone who 
plays at it and doesn't make very much money from their efforts.
Thankfully, it's not actually hugely difficult to learn the ropes. The key is to learn
to do things the right way and avoid the costly mistakes from the outset. Preferably
you will learn from someone who is already a successful affiliate 
marketer themselves. That way they will already know the pitfalls 
and how to avoid them as well as knowing the little tips, tricks and 
tactics to profitable affiliate marketing.

If you learn the business well, you could potentially reach the point, where the 

income you are making from your affiliate marketing efforts means that you can 
actually quit your day-job. For many, that would be just a dream, but for those 
that learn to do things the right way, it can become a reality that changes lives.

The bottom line is that as an affiliate marketer, you can enjoy the benefits of 

not having to commute to a job every day, work when it is convenient for you
to do so, as well as being able to have very few overheads and still earn a very
decent full time income that would be the envy of many.

To learn affiliate marketing the right way from the start so that you are able to 

move from being a complete beginner to a successful affiliate in your own right,
you need a good teacher.

A really good course for the newcomer to affiliate marketing and ideal for the 
beginner, is Roy Carter's "Affiliate Marketing With Roy Carter!".  Roy has spoken
at the World Internet Summit many times and his course has helped people all 
over the world to get started and succeed. 
You can learn more here: Affiliate Marketing With Roy Carter

Millionaire Internet Marketer Sarah Staar shows 101
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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Matthew Woodward TED Talks for Digital Marketers

Matthew Woodward runs one of the best internet marketing
blogs bursting with good information for online marketers.

Matthew has selected a list of 22 of his favourite TED talks
over the last few years. The talks range in length from about
3-20 minutes.

Some of the speakers featured include Steve Jobs, Seth Godin,
Rory Sutherland, and David Blaine.

Here is the link:

Millionaire Internet Marketer Sarah Staar shows 101
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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Yanik Silver Evolved Enterprise Book Free PDF

Evolved Enterprise Book by Yanik Silver

Click Here for Free Evolved Enterprise Book

Yanik Silver's book 'Evolved Enterprise' shows us all how to “do it right”
on every level. 'Evolved Enterprise' has struck a chord with industry giants
like Sir Richard Branson, Tony Hsieh, John Paul DeJoria, Blake Mycoskie
from TOMS,who have praised its caring message.

Now Yanik is launching an updated, revised hardcover edition with a special
set of  training bonuses and gifts.

Almost all of the profits are going to finance growing an entire village of
entrepreneurs in East Africa. Fifty micro-businesses will be developed to lift
1,000 people out of poverty.

If you want to find out what Yanik is doing and help alleviate poverty
in Africa, get this Free book.

It's good to see someone like Yanik Silver starting a movement that
pushes people into giving in this practical way.

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Monday, 6 March 2017

How to Sell Affiliate Products - Free Video Course Sarah Staar

Millionaire Affiliate Marketer Sarah Staar has created
a FREE 5 - Part Video Course Showing How to Get
Traffic to ANY Affiliate Offer and be Making Sales Within an Hour.
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Monday, 20 February 2017

Sarah Staar Recurring Affiliate Program

The secret to making Big Money Online as an Internet
Marketing Affiliate is:

1. Big Commissions.

2. Good Conversions.

3. Recurring Commissions.

4. Lifetime Commissions.

5. Commissions on High Ticket Backend Sales.

Big Commissions

You can only make good money as an Internet Marketing

affiliate if you promote products that offer big commissions.

Selling $20 eBooks will not achieve your dream of financial


Good Conversions

To make good money as an affiliate you should promote

only products that have been tested to give good conversions.

This program has been tested to give high conversions which

means less effort on your part because of the well-tested

sales process.

Recurring Commissions

To gain a regular income to pay your monthly bills you

need some kind of recurring commission.

This program pays recurring monthly commissions as one

of its many income streams. Recurring commissions is

the first step to building a big income online.

Lifetime Commissions

This is where this program starts to get really lucrative

for its affiliates. Each sale you make gives you that

customer for life. So any future sales to the customer

will generate affiliate commissions without any further

work on your part. Even sales of newly-released

products will generate future commissions.

Commissions on High Ticket Backend Sales

Many internet marketers offer expensive coaching

programs to their customers. They seldom give their

affiliates any commissions for these high-ticket backend

sales. This program is different. Affiliates are not cheated

out of their rightful commissions on a Complete Funnel.

This is the main reason that this is the Highest Paying

Internet Market Affiliate Program that I am aware of.

How to Join Sarah Staar's  Lifetime Affiliate Program

Click  on the page below for a list of Sarah Staar products,

then go to the bottom of the page and sign up for one of

the Free products.  When you are on the list you will get

an invitation to an occasional webinar which Sarah hosts

to offer membership of her high paying affiliate program.

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Friday, 3 February 2017

Sunday, 29 January 2017

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website - Free Report

Here is a good Free report from Dennis Becker on how to get traffic to your website.
Free Report - How to Increase Website Traffic

Here are another 7 Free reports from Dennis Becker.
The topics covered in the reports are:

7 Productivity Killers

7 Reasons You're Not Earning Money Online Yet

Dashed Dreams

Marketing Confidence

Mistake Marketing

Multiple Passive Income Streams

Standing In Front of Money

Finding Your Reason Why

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Dennis Becker Products
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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Patric Chan 100 Newbies Made Money Online

Most people fail to make money online because they don't have a proven system that works for them.
Good news is, this system has helped more than 100 ordinary people, including newbies to make real money.
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The best part is...
-You don't need to write or produce any unique content.
-You don't need to create any products to sell.
-You don't need to write up any sales letters.
-You don't need to provide any customer service or follow up support.
-You don't even need to learn about internet marketing!
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Don't be left behind.

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Make Money from YouTube Without Uploading Videos

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